Lockdown is a good opportunity to check your precious garments and textiles for pests, and to protect them in our Tyvek Garment Bags. Winter woollies and cashmere, once cleaned, can be safely stored in the Jumper / Sweater Bags. NEW LOW PRICES FOR ACID-FREE TISSUE, BOTH UNBUFFERED AND ECONOMY.

About Us

Restore Products provides a range of Textile Conservation materials to museums, stately homes, churches as well as to the general public who wish to look after their treasured textiles. 

Restore Products was established in 1996 and is a sister company to The Textile Restoration Studio, one of the leading freelance textile conservation studios in the UK, itself established in 1982.  The product range comprises of products used very regularly in the Studio.

The businesses are run by Jacqueline Hyman MA(Res), ACR, an Accredited Conservator since 1999, and Michael Hyman BA(Econ).